​​From Issue 6, Lite Lit One will revamp the format to publish poems which features commentary, critical reflection and analysis from the poet or others in the community.

It is hoped that the published poems will propel our consciousness, towards liberation, while critical of our shared human condition.



Please send one poem (and with minimum 1 A4 page of commentary, reflection and analysis).

Commentary, reflection and analysis welcomes the poet and others to write about the poems influences, poetics, critique, or ways of how it came into being, its intentions, form, language and relationality to environment, translation, and comparison with other writings.

Follow the guidelines.

Simultaneous submissions are fine.

The Founding Editor works on a voluntary basis. Lite Lit One is a solely funded . Lite Lit One does not take responsibility for the opinions of contributors. Contributors hold copyright of their work as it appears in this journal and no part of which may be reproduced without permission.

The response time may vary.

Lite Lit One encourages you to read your own work before submission.