Samuel Junior Irusota


Samuel Junior Irusota is a multiple award-winning Nigerian Poet, author and lawyer. He is the author of a Boy's Body Is War. He is also the author of two chapbooks entitled the day God died and innocent murderers. He won the Wakaso Poetry Contest in March 2020. He won the Best Marketing Poet of the Goodluck Osama Ogbeide Poetry Contest (BMPC) in May 2020.   He won the Clash of Pens Poetry Contest in 2019. He was a joint Winner of the Poets in Nigeria Food Poetry Contest in 2018. He was Shortlisted for the Eriata Oribhabor Poetry Prize in 2019 and the ZI Prize for Literature in 2019. He was Shortlisted for the Poetically Written Prose Contest in 2018 and the Nigerian students Poetry Prize in 2018. His works have appeared in Merak, Journal Nine, Trouvaille Review, Tush, Praxis, inverse Journal, Indian periodical and else where. He believes that poetry is a tool with which we can change the world. He writes from Edo State Nigeria.


Forgive me for there is a story behind this Poem / In my father’s house / death was an unwelcomed guest / these days going to church is no longer a Sin.  Here dreams do come true / for those who wake up early and pursue them. Tonight / I hold my mother’s portrait as a memory of silence / and while I sleep / I light them up as candles in my dreams.  Sometimes / night used to be a lonely time for soft hearted boys / my father’s ghost never stops singing a mournful song.  Everyday / I carry my  mother’s cross and my father’s worries / I rub them together with ashes / and say a silent prayer/ they say a leaf does not fall from a tree without God’s consent / maybe I defied the laws of heaven / I  am that leaf.