Rohan Buettel


Rohan Buettel is an emerging poet. He lives in Canberra. His haiku have been published in Echidna Tracks, Creatrix, Frogpond, Kokako and Haiku Xpressions. His longer form poetry has been published or accepted for publication in Quadrant and Cicerone Journal.

The Fever Tree


when the secret herb lets free

the sweetest scent, the less we see

week’s end effects the steep descent

embedded, the nested stress cements

the spell set by the fever tree

the clever chess ensemble flees


he tended the herd, threshed the seeds

the rest deferred, he met his needs

he left the shelter, drew the sketch

wrestled the green extended stretch

the pen, the news, the web, the bell

the precedents decreed the cell


the press prefers, reflects the fresh

rejects the rest the nets enmesh

repress the germs, we’ll blend the brew

then chew the ewe the shepherd slew

the newest jewel the bees revere

select three degrees then persevere