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Richard LeDue


Richard LeDue was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. He currently lives in Norway House, Manitoba. His work has been published by the Tower Poetry Society, Adelaide Literary Magazine, Eunoia Review and Mojave He[art] Review. 

Hello is So Much Easier

I'm the type of person no one hugs

goodbye, and even when they do,

I tense up, body stiff as an old log

waiting for someone else to start

a fire- handshakes are difficult too,

cold sweaty palms uncomfortable

in the warmth other people seem

to carry around in their pockets.

Remember those 1970’s game show hosts,

how they groped and kissed

every female contestant? I know

it was televised sexual harassment,

but they had charisma, confidence

behind those unwanted touches,

and that burns me.



Rejected “New Yorker” Poem

Asleep in an envelope,

but sealed tight

so it’s more like a coffin,

slowing natural rot

(always a failure),

corpse hands protected

from curious eyes (not

as special as you think).

Actually, it reminds me more

of my cousin (related by marriage),

who used to send

his fingernail clippings

to celebrities.



Hotel Coffee

Room quiet

except for an argument

next door,

then water drains

into stained pot

through grains in a filter,

made for one

who arrived late,

slept poorly,

spilled an entire cup

onto a homesick lap-

his swearing wasted,

as only the manager listens to complaints.



Another Day

The first few minutes are the best

for forgetting the fight until she wakes up,

goes to the bathroom, and toilet flush

reminds him he pissed his pants.

He’s hungover again, eyes feel empty,

brain stutters commands, tongue

tries to obey, but is too comfortable

lazing in their uncomfortable silence.

Coffee helps, makes her put clothes back on,

while their unmade bed stays quiet

as a dejected lover, who wore lingerie

when all he wanted was another six-pack.