Colin James


Heart Socks

Rachel Tiongco


Rachel Tiongco is a university student living in Western Australia, testing out her talent in writing and poetry. 



They say things are better off left;





But not me. I want to;

Hear it.

See it.

Discover it.


It’s the drug that I can’t – I don’t

Want to stop taking.


I want the truth.




Cruel Heart

Do you still yearn for the love of a cruel heart?

Who in its confusion, left the Garden of Eden

To chase after an illusion,

For a life more ‘grand’.


Such cruel heart,

Who held Sunshine and Innocence in its arms,

And turned and ran as if harmed;

Like how darkness cowers from light.


And yet;

A flower blooms in absence of nurture,

But a storm glooms in light of its future.

With everyday passing,

It asks questions and is filled with longing,

For the touch of a hand who could never give love.

For the love of a heart who had none from the start.


How cruel can such a heart be?

Whether by intent or mistake,

Left nothing but questions without any explanations.

Knew the existence of pain but never came back to mend it.

Saw the light shining bright,

And confused itself with its own selfishness and greed.


Such a cruel heart,

Does not deserve the love that freely gives,

Nor the love that easily forgives.

And yet;

It will give,

And forgive.

Because despite the pain left behind,

The love of a cruel heart

Is what it still wants to find.