Red Doors

Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan


Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan is a budding writer who writes from the soul about himself, his life and the ebbing African culture. He is a penultimate medical Laboratory science student, who hails from Ebonyi State, Nigeria. He was the winner of 2018 FUNAI CREW Literary Contest. His works have been published in the Quills, Ace World, SprinNG, Inverse Journal, and has also contributed in lots of many anthologies.


To live, one must evolve into a flood outside the scope of men,

To become a woman curling courage through her hair

Or a night breaking into dawn. To assume an asylum in one's body.

Perhaps death is a dichotomy and life is an analogy,

Existence scrawls action from our tongue without a prior notice;

A perfect proof that we're just a pen in God's hand.

A child is born in the sunrise

Without a clear sketch of what the nightfall holds for him.

Father said everyone is just a wanderer in this place,

And that transition is a course between life and death.

How do I get to know which one to master first?

Yesterday, a boy borrowed the symmetry of his lost father

To carry the stacks of stones life hauls on them,

Perhaps he too has mastered the art of transiting

Into something suitable for this kind of storm.

A year ago, men sourced histories for knowledge sake

Today, men are dissolving into histories

Without a clear view of what this life is transitng into.

It's speculative to say that transition is a means to an end,

When a boy in a bright cottage can only feel darkness by imagination,

And what is life if not cascade of situations

Breaking into series of changes,

Changes that borrow glints to veer gloom.