Street Teens

Kelsie Colclough

United Kingdom

Kelsie Colclough holds a BA in English & Creative Writing from Staffordshire University. She has been published in Palm Sized Press, Corvid Queen, and Platform for Prose. She can be found on Twitter @klcolclough. 


Here We Go Again

The poor the poor the poor

give us a new line Corbyn
the sun isn’t getting hotter
it’s just the studio lights
on my face—look it’s all them
dossers on the dole
they’ve got a ton of kids and no sense
those poor kids should be in school
oh, the poor! Cry me a river
let the banks run over as
long as they’re filled with money
this isn’t a Dickens novel
there weren’t any food banks in Dickens
maybe when the earth starts warming
those druggies on the streets
won’t need sleeping bags.
Politicians just go ‘round the houses!
The poor the poor the poor
if their house gets flooded
dirt is in their lungs, well
the poor have been through that before
what’s new?