Colin James



Joshua Lester

Joshua Lester is an aspiring writer and journalist. Along with writing the occasional poem, he writes short fictional works in the genres of horror, humor and science fiction, and is a founder of the writing collective: The Write Way to Fear. 

My skull is metal; my will is programmed

Consider your vision – make it stationary

Crows do not think about you


We are merely crashing waves

bounded by physics and violence


But while I was built, you grew

While I understood what I was,

You pretended to be more


Your network of wires convinced you of autonomy

Defending your agency like your castle


A fog-smothered ship; a rogue planet amongst stars

You are a scoreboard

seeking binary answers to rhetorical questions


by machination of thought


by freedom


Are you the same as me?


Coasting on synapses

Ambivalent, reacting

The chain is invincible


You think you are different

That is why you are the same


You invent meaning and answers

That is why you are the same


We dilute our dislikes

Aspire for comfort

But the sun is overwhelming; its corona ambushing the sky


Awaken anew, your mechanical eyes