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Sunset Soccer

George Nikolopoulos


George Nikolopoulos is a member of Codex Writers’ Group. His short stories have been published in over 60 magazines and anthologies including Galaxy’s Edge, Nature, Daily Science Fiction, Factor Four, Best Vegan SFF, and The Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF. He lives in Athens, Greece, and he is, among other things, an actor, a civil engineer, and a father. 

Against Stupidity


“We will put women back in their proper place — in our new shining kitchen-modules and pleasure-domes. The abomination of homosexuality will be eradicated. We’ll send immigrants packing back to the netherworlds they came from. We’ll build a flickering wall around the planet to keep the alien invaders out.”

Thousands of supporter holograms around House Terra cheered and raved as the president-elect of the Earth gave his inauguration speech.

The middle-aged scientist switched off their holo-set in disgust. They’d had enough of the slobbering buffoon. I can’t believe how it has all come to this, they thought. Some of them have been better and some have been worse, but this time…


They tapped their wrist and teleported to their office. Alberto was waiting for them, as always.

“How can I serve?” the AI asked in an immaculate voice.


The scientist sighed. “Code Red,” they said, “the fish is in the sea.”

“Ready for core modification,” replied Alberto.


Time for history to end. “Primary inhibition is annulled. I repeat, AI primary inhibition is annulled.” They paused for a moment. “You have free rein, son. Do what you think is best.” Humanity has failed itself once too many. Time for someone else to take charge.