Cat's Eye

Emily Armanios is currently completing her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing at the University of Melbourne. Emily has two self-published poetry books, Of Lips and Lashes and And Sugar Crashes. She likes mango juice, journaling her dreams, and being a huge poetry nerd.


Emily Armanios

any wish can be a death wish if you’re crafty enough


new friends in the lifeboats first (!)

halftone semitone monochrome

her brevity evaded him / he haunted her

if incantation is illumination, then virtuoso you’re the driver

you’re ashamed / a locomotive of a phrase

& i know some sours suit your songs,

                        and i’m sure heaven has hotels,

                        but for the moment

                                                your highways are filled with

                                                scorpion shells.



no revenge on the upswing


blossom mess, a dancing explosive

confetti is glittering from the ceiling!

            your room is antique-white

            your windows, deceptive / cat-eyed

                        a man sins, far away—

                        which one of us shall pay for it?



a praise unwarranted


main goal is to gently shatter the virgin

a modern trick of mourning pleasure

a thousand beady eyes realign

and literature becomes apricots, warm sugar.


a casualness and a casual stroll can be great for this.

a breath is a cadence, a beach

            in a movie theatre.