Rain Storm

Elena Sichrovsky is 24 years old and currently living in Shanghai, China. She’s a student at SUES there and a member of The Shanghai Writing Workshop. She loves writing poetry, short stories, and is currently working on finishing her first novel. You can follow her work on Instagram.


Elena Sichrovsky



you knew this would happen, didn’t you?

you felt the air thicken

like mud oozing from a child’s fist

the clouds stuck

to the underside of the mouth

trying to hold together before the inevitable fall

you heard the wind moaning

whimpering, muffling the sobs

welling up through the lungs

you saw her eyelids sagging with the weight

a paper envelope ready to burst


you were waiting for this, weren’t you?

for the sky to slit her wrists

and let all the blood and tears stream down

a public confession

of her weakness, her fragility

you knew she would lay her her skin and bones

exposed and bare for the world to see

a carpet spread for the world to trample on

where sits the beggar tugging at the hem of skirts and jeans

blubbering helplessly

for a single coin of sympathy


you’re loving this, aren’t you?

the fits, the thrashing with arms and legs flailing

dishes and dreams splattering on the pavement

the pieces floating

in shallow pools with murky reflections

you watch how she writhes as you approach

her agony lighting a crack through the clouds

her wails dripping down her face

echoing everywhere and much too loud

you don’t let it faze you, though

you know all the tropes

of a drama queen