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Bill Camp


Bill Camp currently teaches college writing courses at Paul D Camp Community College, and Norfolk State University. His poetry has appeared in New Author’s Journal, and Teach. Write. He has also published fiction in Teach.Write., Page and Spine and parAbnormal Digest.

Cormorant In a Nor’Easter


Nor’easter’s blowing winds,

High waves in the Chesapeake Bay,

A cormorant trying to fly.

Two irresistible forces.

The cormorant flaps its wings

Stretching out its neck to gain

Advantage, all in vain.

The harder its wings flap,

The stronger the winds blow.

The cormorant remains stationary,

Suspended in air.

White caps below, chopping swells.

The cormorant’s only chance

Is to land; the only place to land is

The Monitor-Merrimac Bridge Tunnel.

Wind-driven rains pelt its feathers.

Would the cormorant survive

This day to live another,

Perhaps a little wiser?